Semper Introspiciens (Always Deconstructing) is the location for the writing and art of Scott Scrivner. Through a convergent approach to words and images, he draws from forty-plus years of living, over a decade of starting and leading a small community in Oklahoma City, while also contributing to the design industry for over fifteen years. 


life in review: an interactive guide to deconstructing faith toward hope


My own story of deconstruction found among a community of friendships, but also an invitation for you to consider your own deconstruction.




Monologues really aren’t my thing. Speeches and proclamations. Nope. I want a conversation, a dialogue. The interplay of collaboration is what really intrigues me. I want less control and more exploration. I love a white board where we all have markers to add to and riff off of each other. Books can be the ultimate monologue, right? My thoughts spilling out on pages.  However, books can also be viewed as interactive. You interacting, imagining, and taking the words into your own dialogue. This book is meant to be a starting place for your interplay. Pens, pencils, and markers will enhance your reading of this book.  You may not be a note taker or a journaler or a even a doodler, but if you are, there is space for just that. Consider this a little nudge to try it out. Make a mess of this book and see what emerges. Your involvement in and addition to this book will make it so much better! I hope that you will find the spaces you fill, will be where the real treasure lies between these pages. It will be the interaction with your own story, that will make the time in this book so very worth it.
- an excerpt from the book