semper introspiciens


The term, Semper Introspiciens, is a latin phrase inspired by the idea of always deconstructing–always reflecting–always being introspective. It's meant to encourage a deeper reflection on what, why, and how we are living life. It's a consideration that amidst all of life's love and loss and everything in between, we can be present, thoughtful, and intentional about shaping our life.

For now, this site offers a chance to continue digging into to resources found in Scott Scrivner's book, Life In Review. But eventually this will be a location to find other authors, artists, and storytellers who are deconstructing life with their own voice, artistry, and action. Let us know if you are interested in finding out more or being considered for publishing.

Deconstruction, then, might be seen as the effort to rip away aluminum that shields us from irritating ideas outside our system, or structure, of truth. It tears down signs of belief we feel most passionately about in order to inspect them, to consider where they came from, how they block our vision and hence our understanding of people and ideas outside our house of faith. Sometimes, after such an inspection, a sign-board will be nailed back up as important to our house. But in the process of taking it down, we can — in fact, we must — look through the gap in the wall that the sign once covered up in order to understand what is outside our structure of belief . . . Deconstruction thus aids us in the (re)signing of truth. 

- Crystal L. Downing, The Changing Signs of Truth



scott scrivner


Scott Scrivner leans into a wide variety of passions by overlapping matters of faith & spirituality with design, art, and a quest to be a life-long learner. Scott Scrivner is a self-taught designer that began over fifteen years ago as a freelancer. Since then he has been a part of two startup design studios and was a founding partner and Creative Director of Clover Partners.  In addition to being a designer, Scott planted and continues to pastor Convergence Community alongside an amazing group of people. He is also involved in a variety of additional creative ventures at any given time—with coffee, food, theology, and art.  Scott earned a doctorate from George Fox Seminary where he began researching and writing his first book. Scott and his wife Leslie have two teenagers and live in Oklahoma City, OK.